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upgraded to pro - rendered shows sparkol logo

Hi! :)

I upgraded to pro and my "rendered video" still shows the sparkol logo.



Paula Sylvester

Hi Paula, I believe you raised a ticket for this which I replied to recently.

This is a known issue in version 1.3 where the Originally created video still caches the old video even after a re-render.

If you rename the Scribe and save it as a new copy the newly created scribe file will not have the logo when you render:

Thanks, Joe

1) restart videoscribe after your account has been successfully upgraded so your new account status will be in effect. (Sometimes the upgrade process takes hours due to the way Paypal process recurring payments.)

2) be sure to click "create" to render the newest version instead of clicking "publish" which just saves a new copy of the previous render (with a logo on it)

3) in any instance where your most recent changes (watermark removal, or anything else) STILL do not appear in the finished video, use "save as a NEW COPY and close" to save your scribe with a new name. Then open the new version and render it. Alternately, saving a copy online may have the same effect

These steps generally always resolve the watermark problem in version 1.3.26 and probably work the same in other versions although there may be issues with 2.0 that have not been documented yet.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


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