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Problems rendering my scribe

 I have already saved one scribe as a quicktime movie video, but now on my second scribe, the conversion seems to freeze at the end on 'time remaining about 0 seconds'. I imagine it should close down and offer a location for saving? Any help with this please?

I have had little success making a large file much smaller, but another free solution for sending a very large file (300Mb) which worked perfectly was a hint my wife told me - to use, (not web, but we) which can email files up to 2GB.

I also had trouble publishing to Youtube, as the video-scribe told me my username or password is not recognized (or similar). Having never uploaded to Youtube before, what I needed to know was that I had to not just register with Google and Youtube, but also go through the process of opening a channel on my Youtube account before Video-scribe would send it there.



community answer for things that cause freezing or crashing:

Instant Answer (sparkol support) for crashing and freezing:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Peter,

If you are still having problems rendering your second scribe then please Save your scribe online and let us know the name so that we can take a look.

Quicktime files are quite big - you can use something like Freemake Video Converter to convert from .mov to .wmv or .mp4 which are much smaller files.



No, thanks, I was able to upload to YouTube after following Mike's advice to save online and re-open the file, and saving to file by right clicking. I'm not sure which did the trick, but the end result was uploading a huge file to YouTube, with little loss of quality. I'm very happy with the results and with the help I got. My biggest problem was more to do with the need for opening a channel on YouTube before I could upload. Thanks again, Peter


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