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Videoscribe Logo in the editing window

I see no reason why the Videoscribe logo should persist in the lower RH corner of the editing window. I know what the program is, I've already paid for it. And that's valuable working space - if I want to position something in that area, I have to imagine what it will look like without the logo. Please get rid of it, or at least give us the option to turn it off.

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I, too, like to use Camtasia to capture my scribes because I can then render in MP4.  On a Core i7 notebook with Win7 the preview playback is smooth to do this successfully.  Due to my lack of design experience, this memory hog .scribe simply would not render in VideoScribe. But, it would run in preview mode.

Camtasia came to the rescue.

I absolutely understand the need for the watermark in free version.  But, I definitely would like to be able to remove it in the Pro version. While it's not a "show stopper", a show/hide option would be nice.

what if there would be a way to take the logo and have the ability to change it out with a company logo .. i would like a way to put in my company logo in that place and be present in the exported video ( but have the choice to have it or not ) .. but i agree i don't need a logo on the edit view to tell me what I'm using ... but make it usable ... that would be nice 

Hello, everyone.

Thanks for your suggestion.

This is currently being considered by the development team. If you are reading this and want to add that you would like to see this, please let us know.

If you have already posted, please note it is with development at the moment.

Thanks, Joe

I also do not like the logo in the preview, but better like the idea of having your own logo there.

Being able to switch the watermark off and on so that we can either use that space for our own watermark (OFF) or use it for affiliate income purposes (ON) is my preferred design option.


This seems to me to be a very good suggestion.


Hi Joe,     Yes I would like the option of putting in my own logo.

david blenkinship

I would too.

Please remove.

Yes Please Remove!

I concur

Another possibility might be that the logo be added in the same location/idea as the "ZOOM at end" function. This is deactivated upon PRO purchase but if I remember, non PRO users cannot stop the scribe from zooming at the end. But it can be accessed by PRO users if they wanted to do that. If the Sparkol Logo was installed in a similar manner, PRO users could turn it on or off, while non-pro users would be stuck with it, which seems fair enough. In fact there might be several features that could be placed into a similar way - activated or deactivated by PRO users, but not others. I am not sure of how you are designing the utility components, but there could be several features using this activate/deactivate concept.


Hello everyone

We shall remove this for PRO users from version 2.1 (due to go into first testing in a couple of weeks)

I guess we were just so proud of the new branding & logo we wanted to put it everywhere!

Thanks for all the feedback.



Has this been now removed from version 2.1?

If so, how does one remove it?



Version 2.1 has not been released yet. The newest available version is currently 2.0.3

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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