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Failure/Freeze "Preparing video information ..."


all my attempts to export a video (file, Facebook, youtube, powerpoint) have ended with the small window saying "preparing video information". The canvas stays completely white - I was waiting up to an hour.

Can you help me?

A video software that can not create videos feels somehow useless.

Regards, Carsten


MacBook Air, 11", Mitte 2013

Prozessor 1,7 GHz Intel Core i7

Speicher 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Software OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)

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Hi, I am not certain whether my problem is addressed in the fix or not. I see "preparing video information" whether trying to save locally as .wav or publishing to YouTube. I have attached my .scribe file for review so that someone can tell me whether I've just done something wrong in my video (in which case shouldn't the software be better about exception handling instead of freezing?) or whether I'm just among the group of users who needs to wait on the fix. 



Disregard my draft17.scribe file. It looks like the failure to create video truncated my .scribe file. The attachment above actually works, but it's a truncated output after failure of my bigger file. I think the export software may need to hold a temporary .scribe file in place that it can restore upon failure. Fortunately I have a .scribe file saved to the cloud and can upload it. 

This is the one that fails (and upon failure sometimes gives truncated new scribe file).

Hi Matt (and everyone else!)

The interim release - 2.0.1 - is now available.  "All the great features of VideoScribe 2.0 with additional improvements."

- Button hints to help you get around

- Improved memory management

- Performance enhancements

- General bug fixes

- Simpler installation for Macs

It also addresses the issue in this post regarding WMV as well as a few other issues.

For further details, and to download the update, please see


I am still very happy to look at your scribe but am really confident that this will resolve your issues.  It would be great to hear how you get on.

Thanks for your reply, Ian! Unfortunately I already had tried 2.01 and the problem persists.

Hey Matt

So I had a look at the scribe.

We're having problems with with a zoom greater than 2500%. To be honest, I'm not sure how you got in that far: there's no zoom differential to speak of - the whole scribe is that far zoomed in.

If you can manage to zoom the images out to somewhere nearer 100% then the scribe will render fine.  I tested this by setting the camera for all the images at 2000% and was getting somewhere but, of course, most elements were unreadable :(  There's no easy fix, but getting everyting smaller will reduce the zoom and enable the render.

I hope that helps.


By the way, In version 2 it ought to be impossible to zoom out beyond 2500% in order to stop this happening.

The last release 2.0.1 fixes my issue. Thx to you all guys.


Hi Fiona, I believe your problem is related to the known issues with version 2.0 as advised in this link -

The good news is that we released a patch release VideoScribe 2.0.1 which should resolve this issue for you.

If you log into your account page and go to the downloads section, you will be able to download version 2.0.1.

Here is a quick link to your account page downloads -

Thanks, Joe

This software seemed really useful, but I am beginning to regret the purchased. I have had nothing but issues with it so far. We have VideoScribe on two PCs and both have the same issues. As the original poster said, a video software that cannot create videos is inherently useless. It seems I have been contacting support more than I've been able to create a useful video.

We can also not render videos, they freeze at the screen "Preparing Video Information...".

Our scribes are on the cloud "BUTW2" and "LEIS2". I previously contacted support, only to learn that the video rendered fine on the support persons computer, which wasn't very helpful to my particular cause.

Any idea why these won't render? We have no voiceovers and no zoom in the videos, aside from what happens automatically when you create the video.


Hi Randy, I believe I advised that it did render when you raised a support question recently when I rendered it as a .Mov file.
I believe you were advised to try and render as a .Mov file after reseting VideoScribe to see if this resolves the issue for you?
Have you tried this yet?

We have also got a patched version of VideoScribe 2.0.1 as advised in my last comment on this post.
If you're still having issues, can you download and install this version? -

Thanks, Joe

I have the same problem as everyone here. I finished my video (5 minutes) with voice and I wanted to post it on YouTube. For a long while, it said "preparing video information"; but then I let it rest and after more than one hour, the video started to be prepared. It looked very nice, but the end was that it never disapeared the message "a few seconds remaining". And that was after the whole night being on.

Now my trial edition has expired and I wonder what I should do to get my video. Reading the messages before, I saved in the cloud with the name "marcroig". So please, could you have a look and tell me what to do next? I've spent a whole week making it and I am considering to take the Pro version, but right now I can't trust it too much because it seems the creation of the video doesn't work for many people.

Thanks and I wish you solve my problem!! 

Hi Marc

Excellent scribe telling your story.  Thank you for sharing it.

The pause at the beginning is when VideoScribe is dealing with the sound files.  The fact that this took your machine over an hour compared to a few seconds on mine makes me think that there may not be a great deal of memory available on your machine.  That said, I'm glad to hear that VideoScribe pulled through and was able to cope with the situation.

It looks as though you were one of the last to get version 2.0 when you signed up for the trial.  We have resolved a lot of WMV issues in version 2.0.1 - in particular getting the error of a freeze at 'a few seconds remaining'. We do have a few issues with memory usage that we are still working on which may affect the WMV render on a machine with little memory but it may still be worth trying.

Please download version 2.0.1 from the downloads page here.  You will be able to log in again today in order to test the new version for your download.  

If you would prefer, you could purchase one month's subscription here, which gives you the ability to render to other formats straight to your local machine, as well as create a video without our logo on it.

Incidentally, just so you know that the scribe itself is fine, I tested your scribe and turned it into a MOV file (size 320, so a small one) in around 10 minutes

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply. It has worked and I have gone further, but it's still not published in YouTube. The video was completely formed but then, when trying to go to YouTube, it didn't finish. And the worst part is that when I realize that it got frozen, the only solution is to cancel it and to start over again. So I am again "creating" the video.

I know my internet conection is not the best but it makes me sad to have to start the process again and again when it frozes. Could you make the "creating process" something like a step not to be repeated if the upload to YouTube doesn't work at once?


1) did you upgrade to version 2.1 as suggested?
2) Please make sure that you already have a youtube channel before trying to upload a video to youtube:

3) You can also save the video to your computer and then upload it manually to (you still need to have a youtube channel set up)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike,

I did all you say, except that I can't save the video in my computer because I am not Pro (but if you tell me how to do it I will try). Now I have gone a little bit further (half bar in the uploading for YouTube), but again the conection has been cancelled for one moment and the screen in frozen ther for the last 15 minutes. So... I will have to start over again and I am getting tired of this process. Are you sure this will have to be everytime unless I am lucky and for one or two hours my internet doesn't go off a single second???

I would actually like that you let those who are on trials to save the video in the computer. Then I will upload it to YouTube whenever I want, without having to rush because the 7 days are over. Or let the video be saved somewhere between the "creation" and the uploading to Youtube, don't you think so??

Thanks again and I hope it's the last time I have to write.

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