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Using my Personal Stationary with Logo for whiteboard

Is it possible to scan my personal stationary containing my logo to use as my whiteboard background?  I desire to upload my stationary then save as a favorite to use for each new Scribe I create.  My stationary with logo is my trademark.  

Hi Ernie,

You could import an image and use it to fill the visible canvas and then put other images/text on top of it.

The visible canvas that you see when you start VideoScribe is a very small part of the overall canvas - the canvas is huge. So, when you move to another part of your canvas you would need to import the image again to get the effect that you want.

Please get back to us if you have any further questions.



What you could do, is make the scribe on a blank canvas, render the scribe as a PNG-sequence, and then add your custom background using a tool like After Effects or something. One of the great benefits of the PNG approach is that they are rendered with an alpha channel (32-bit PNG), so everything in your scribe is rendered on a transparent background, which you can fill in with whatever you want or need.

The drawback to this approach, is that rendering your scribe to a PNG-seqeunce takes a bit longer (more then double the time when you render to MOV), and you have to do some post-production. But the possibilities, on the other hand, are limitless.

Thanks, everyone.  Please keep the suggestions flowing.  Attached is a poor quality .jpg image of my stationary.  Ideally my stationary becomes my 'canvas' for my weekly video scribes to my subscribers.  I do not want the stationary 'scribed' or drawn each time I use it, but I do want my added comments to be scribed/drawn.  Do I upload as a .jpg photo?

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