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Moving Objects in Timeline

Prior to 2.0, you could press an arrow to move your item. But now the only way I can see of moving my items is right click then move forward, backwards, or to the start or end of timeline.  This is very clumsy and cumbersome.  I miss the arrows that were on each side of an item.  Please bring them back!  When I go to modify a videoscribe and have to enter new objects, it is clumsy to have to keep pressing right click and then clicking an option.

Hi Bill,

If you highlight the image in the timeline, you can now hold your mouse down, it will "angle" the image, and then you can drag it left or right on the timeline, a real time-saver IMHO.

Hope that helps.

Hi Bruce, I am sorry to say that it's not a time-saver at all. I held down my mouse and drag it along the timeline, but the original spot was quickly replaced by another image which I had no intention to move. Please help me with this timeline issue. It's driving me crazy. Thank you! (If you don't mind, can you please have a look at my online file "FEEDING DEV?")

Hi Shuli,

I am not a member of staff, just another user, so do not have access to your file I'm afraid.

If you move one image, another will fill the "empty" space, that is just the way it works.

Maybe I am not understanding what you are trying to do here?

Hi Bruce, thank you for replying me. I understand that after I drag an image away, the next image will fill that space, but in my case instead, an image from almost the other end of the timeline somehow appears in that space. 

Shuli ... you are right. This is a bug in the rendering of the timline. If you save and go back to your presentation, the ordering is as you dragged it. The dragging of the images was an excellent addition, and saves lots of time in moving images one step at a time in the timeline, but it is curently very buggy.


Hi all, good subject.  When moving your tiles and placing them in between two existing tiles, do they on occasion also "hide" behind other tiles?

Yes. They do hide themselves at times. Unfortunately, the longer the project stays open, the more these problems exist. Often best to close project and re-open. 


I'm just adding images now. Everything is fine, until the project larger, and then dragging the images to different places goes all wrong. You've got to save and quit, and then restart and it's okay again. It's a pretty bad bug, and project sizes become limited due to the bug.

we're working on it!

We've also done a lot in version 2.0.1 so please make sure you're on the latest version.  Further to that, 2.0.2 will be out very soon.

Good news! Really enjoying using it.

Can you also fix the bug that causes the text to move after a save and re-open? Also the text changes size over time.

I've had, on a number of occasions, had to go back and resize the text to the right size, and also move it back to align with some graphics.

You mean this one - Zooming out issues with images ?

We're on it :)

The bug I see is related to the text moving after I reload the file. First I line up a graphic to a piece of text so that one joins to the other. I save and quit, and then I've got to move it back again. I then have to do this throughout the project. The font I'm using is Script. I've also observed a changing in the font size relative to the page view, where I have to go through all the presentation and rechange the text sizes as the text shrinks over time. I always fix the camera view, but the text always shrinks after a project reload.

The only way round it, is to wait for the final version, and then scale all the text, and record the movie. After it's recorded, it will go back with smaller text, and where it has moved relative to the graphics. Perhaps the problem is related to the font size reducing on reload, as that would solve the problem of the text moving. Either way the font doesn't stay the same. I use one graphic to provide the anchor point for each main slide, and use that to provide focus, and the text scales down on re-loads. This happens for both MAC and PC versions.

Thanks Bill.

That's exactly it.

It's come to light for us in the last few days and we're working on it now.

The specific error is that the font size (or text box) reduces on 'open' of a scribe.

Thanks. I look forward to downloading the update.

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