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Copyright issues...


Are VS users who sell their scribes actually allowed to use, for example, the SVG Studio Collection > Office > Office Brent character?

I have noticed a few characters, (including Simpsons-based images), and wondering if anyone has considered the licensing/copyright implications?



Hi Bruce,

Whereabouts did you see the Simpson based images as I can't find them?



These are all in the SVG Studio Collection. May be nothing, but as someone who sells content I need to check.


He-Man/Morph/Superman in Change

Swedish Chef in Cook

Mario Kill Turtle 2 in Destroy

Bill and Ted/Mr Burns/Beluga Caviar in Excellent

Mario x3 / Moomin in Finish

Meinz Food in Food

Herald newspaper in Introduce (maybe….)

Mario Mushroom Extra Life/Vim in Life and Vitality

Mayfair with Hotel / Super Tax / Go to Jail in Money, Cost, Buy and Shop > Cost

Office Brent in Office

Open Sesame/Open Source Sauce Pun in Open

Angry Bird/Fun Scrabble Letters/Mario in Play Fun

Frankie Says Relax in Relax

Cher in Share (although it is very funny J)

Google Earth/Universal Logo/ (maybe) the UN Logo in Worldwide Global

Hi Bruce,

I am running this past the relevant people here and I will get back to you once I have an answer


Hi Bruce,

I will convert this to a support question so that we can communicate directly.



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