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I have been working full time for 3 days on the latest version of video scribe to produce a video and I reached a point were I was proud of my job … but can't publish it!

I need to publish it on my pc (no social media allowed as it's business confidential material)

When I try to publish it, I end up with the screen 'publish your video' but nothing happens

(I have been more than patient)

I also have an issue with the logo that remains (but I was hoping that the publishing would remove it - which I can't test at the moment)


It's my first paid video and I need to get it out on monday …

Any tips, advice, recommendation appreciated

Here is a thread about version 1.3.26 listing problems (and possible solutions) with images and camera settings that may interfere with rendering saving or opening scribes. They may also apply to 2.0:

However version 2.0 may have new problems of it's own. If you can save your scribe online and mention the name here, customer support may be able to analyze it.

Or if you export your project to a .scribe file and attach it to a reply here, I or other members may be willing to examine it for problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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Hi Paule,

Sorry to hear that you cannot publish your scribe.

If you could save your scribe online and let us know the name we can take a look for you.



Please raise a support question Here and we can investigate for you


Andy, Mike

I can't share the file as it's business confidential and my customer asked me to sign an NDA ….

Anyway, I finally managed to publish it … 

How? I did a copy - cut - paste into a new scribe … added my sound file and it worked without any issue

(the initial version still can't be published … but i am ok as I could get my file out of video scribe!)

thanks for the help

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