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VideoScribe 2.0 Won't Publish

I'm trying to publish one of my scribes to a WMV video on my desktop. Though it seems to render it properly, it never completes. I've exported the scribe and imported it as a new file, but still no luck. I did not have this problem with the previous version of video scribe.

Hi Jedd,

Sorry you have this problem.

Sounds like you are having the issue when rendering as a WMV file.

WMV is a new rendering option and was not available in version 1.3.26.

You should find if you change the file type to .Mov or .FLV the render will complete.

We are working on this bug and hope to get a resolution out as soon as possible.

Thanks, Joe

Im having this issue regardless of trying to save it as .wmv, mov or flv.



(save the file online and tell support the name of it if you want specific feedback)

or check out the links I provided above which mention workarounds and general tips for avoiding or fixing freezing problems.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

The file name is Stellar8 in my cloud but comes in at 2.7gb - I've attached the file here as stellar4.scribe - I've managed to the stellar8  it as a .flv file but my computer wont open it even after I've re downloaded adobe flash.

Is someone able to help me download it so it can play on windows media player please.....I'm getting desperate.

Thanks :-/

Hi Katie

I took a look at your scribe and the problem is being caused by lots of really big images using up a lot of memory.

What you need to do is to resize the images - as a rule of thumb any image file that is 200kb or bigger is quite large.

You can use Inkscape to resize svg's or we have had some success using svgcleaner but you sometimes need to edit the svg after svgcleaner has resized the file to get it to draw well.

If some of your images are jpg or png files then Image Resizer for Windows works well


I am having a similar issue.  Would you please take a look at my scribe and let me know if my images are too large.  The scribe is on my cloud account titled ITIL Island.


Hi Keith sorry you have the problem with rendering.

I would suggest trying to render as a .Mov or FLV file to see if the issue remains.

Generally the problem rendering/publishing as a WMV file has been resolved in version 2.0.2.

If you still experience this problem, please try the other render options after restarting VideoScribe.

If the problem remains after trying the other renders or you need further support, please create a New Support Ticket

with the details of the specific issue you're facing and we can investigate.

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