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What is the name of the default Font used by Videoscribe?

Hi all - I would like to make use of that font in Illustrator so I can control the resolution a bit better. 

Does anyone know the name the default font?

Thank you!

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The default font is called Basic but it is a built in font and not a true type font so you will not be able to see it in Illustrator.

We have released version 2.0 of VideoScribe which handles fonts much better so you might want to install that from our website and see how much better all of the fonts now are.



do you know a font that looks like VideoScribe Basic font ?

Thank you,


This font is fairly similar, but you may find it hard to locate a font that more similar than this.

It would be very helpful to be able to install the "Basic" font for use outside of VideoScribe. Even a set of vectors of "Basic" characters would be useful.

That would be great if the font was available for download to use outside of VideoScribe to keep a look consistent.



Let me turn this one into a feature request so it gets the proper attention and you can vote on it as at the moment it's just a question

Barry, where might I find the feature request page? I would like to add my voice to this feature request. I really appreciate the speed and ease with which I can author explainer videos in Videoscribe; but being a perfectionist, I always render out multiple passes of my scribes as png's sequences with transparency for After Effects to get the exact looks I want (e.g. drawing images that come later in the timeline behind foreground elements). It would certainly be extremely helpful to someone like me to be able to do text animation in AE with VideoScribe's Basic font :) I can certainly render out the basic alphabet and create precomps for each character and manipulate the text like that, but that would add hours to my workflow


Alex, the homepage for the feature request forum can be found at this link

+1 to Alex's elaboration of using the font after PNG sequence export to add extra matching material in Avid Media Composer or a compositor.

My original +1 was because I wanted to rough out my ideas in MS Visio first before creating my Videoscribe.

Guys, typing +1 doesn;t count as a vote. The original post has a like button and make sure you click that as we rank feature requests popularity by likes.

The default font is called Basic


Clotilde Azevedo

Hola. Tengo una suscripción mensual. Quería saber si Video Scribe trae algunas fuentes predeterminadas además de la BASIC. He leído en un artículo de un blog que trae más de 100 fuentes por defecto, pero cuando cargo mi Video Scribe salen menos, además salen fuentes que yo tuve instaladas en mi ordenador (de creación propia) pero que actualmente no tengo instaladas. Es curioso.
Gracias por su atención.
Un saludo, Angeles.

Can you provide a link to that blog post?
I think the original videoscribe program came with 5 fonts. The current version of Videoscribe includes only the BASIC font, but you can now import true type fonts from your computer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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