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Compressing video down to email attachment size

 Hi, thanks for your very useful help so far. I have created a 6-minute monster 305Mb video, and zipping it only got it down to 280Mb, still much too large to email it. Any other tricks to compress the file?

Will I have the same problem uploading to Youtube and/or Facebook?



You can use freemake or any other video editing program to save a new copy with a lower file size:

If you are sending by email, you will probably want to save your video with smaller dimensions like 640x360 or smaller

for youtube, huge file sizes are okay. youtube will reprocess the video anyway.

you can check facebook's guidelines for their recommended file types and sizes. It might be better to just link to your youtube videos for facebook.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Fantastic. Thanks again, Mike. Just not sure how to change the dimensions.


in videoscribe 1.3.26  when you click the button to render a video in video scribe, you should see the options for height and width. it is probably the same in 2.0

For changing the size in a video editor, you should refer to the website for that video editor.


 Thanks again,


Hi guys that happens to me all the time the trick that I use is team viewer and a direct link to my computer to transfer the file between computers and I also use skype it doesn't have a file limit neither does facebook within a chat window, also my other tools that have happened to resolve the problem is Google Drive and Dropbox there is no limit there either.. I used to use Gigya but they don't seem to exist any more. Do not by any means I repeat compress your file you'll lose quality and when you place your name your effort your presentation your talent your aim your focus your desired goal I repeat do not allow that to hold a lower quality you always have to use the highest quality saving compression rendering graphics etc. 

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