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new essential updates crash my ipad

Please, I need help asap. I ám in the middle of a presentation and I need to finish my Scribe. I cant because when i want to open videoscribe appears a notification that is downloading a update. And when it reach 99% crash the app. I cant open the program!! What can i do?

Hi Kiki,

I think that you are running on an iPad?

What model of iPad do you have and how much free memory does it have? The update is new images and if you are low on memory that could be causing you a problem.

I can see that you have saved a number of scribes online - is it one of those that you are trying finish?


Thank´s Andy! 

I have the ipad 2. I have bought  the Android app version too, to finish my work but when i want to log me in, i can't type my user...i don't know why.... (Samsung Tab "2)

In the middle of this i restore the Ipad and i think that it will works. Also i hope for now that the problems are resolved.

Thank´s !!!!


Hi Kiki,

I hope that you can complete your scribe now.

On the Android issue there is an intermittent issue with the Android version where that happens - if you cancel and try again and make sure that you are in portrait mode it will work, assuming that you have a good wifi connection.


Oh, Andy! That's too much for me! Everytime i want to start the app in my ipad (in Galaxy tab 2, same problem) it appears this download notification, the same one before that says "sports Metaphors images" and when arrives 99% is a big crash! i don't have internet problems and my ipad was restored yesterday, also i assume that the memory is ok! Soooooo......what can i do now?

Hi Kiki

The Sports Metaphor Images is a new library that we have added and VideoScribe will automatically download it when you start up the application.

If it is crashing then you may have run out of space - on your iPad tap Settings - General - About - can you tell me how much free memory you have?



An update for you on the iPad issue.

We have identified an issue with the Sports Metaphor Library.

If you restart VideoScribe again it should be fine.

Sorry for any inconvenience


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