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When will video scribe launch chinese letters? (RR-1175)

I prefer to use this software to make some chinese video. just till now it cannot accept the chinese letter. I prefer this software can accept to use chinese letters or words to write some slogan that would be more worthful for me

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You can import Chinese words or other language as SVG images. Here is their video for scribing other languages:

and this is how you can make them draw well with a little bit of extra work:

EDIT: in version 2, SOME imported fonts draw well without any additional steps or preparation, but the process described in the second link will always work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello guys -  we have just published a tip and tricks video for Arabic script but this can be applied to any language not fully supported by VideoScribe at the moment -

really looking forward to it ! Chinese market is hhhhhuuuuuuuge !!!!

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