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Watch playback while I record audio?

Love VideoScribe, and advocating its use for our University - but there seriously needs to be some improvements made to recording voiceovers in this software.

I cant believe that having put together a project, I cannot view it while I add a timed narration! Not only can I not time a voiceover, but the audio is one track with no options for editing out errors or adding/removing content slide by slide? Are these options that are hidden somewhere? Using a third party audio software is not an option for our staff.

Hi Richard.

The workflow we'd prefer is that you made the voiceover and then put the scribe to it.  This is because the voiceover needs to come across as flowing and seamless where-as images can be made to draw over more or less time and transitions and pauses added easily.

For users who want to do it the other way around we have provided the option to 'show scribe on record' when recording the voiceover in version 2.

If you want to upgrade to version 2.0 please see this post

Thankyou Ian,

I will download 2.0 and try it out - it sound like exactly what I expected as a minimum functionality. Our staff are used to talking off the cuff while they present/draw - so a fully pre-scripted option would be unnatural for them, and is more likely to sound stilted. They can always verbally pause and add/remove pauses between image elements if needed to time with their video. The custom drawing of svgs and import into videoscribe enough of a learning curve for now. :)

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