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Edit Menu commands do not work

This issue was buried in a previous thread, so I am creating a new thread.

Commands under the Edit menu in Version 2 (Cut, Delete, etc.) do not work as far as I can tell. Please view this video:

I used menu commands for the video. Keyboard shortcuts (CMD-X, etc) do not work either.

Hi Dave, CTRL + X and other commends will work for you. The cut copy and paste option on the canvas/Edit screen will work and so will pressing delete on the keyboard when you have items selected.

I will add a request for the edit options on the Application bar as well. 


The issue about the Control key versus the Command key has been raised before. I believe Jon Air replied recently here:

After reading your reply, I went back and tested VideoScribe 2 Mac again. Unbelievably, the CUT command has been assigned to CNTRL-X instead of CMD-X, despite the fact that under the Edit menu, it says CMD-X.  the same is true for Copy, Paste, etc.

There are multiple problems here: 

  1. The standard Macintosh user interface uses the CMD key, not the CNTRL key. 
  2. The VideoScribe menu shows CMD-X.
  3. When you click CMD-X, the File menu blinks as if something has happened, when in reality nothing has happened.
Do you think this should be mentioned in the release notes?

For reference, the Macintosh user interface guidelines are here:

I noticed in the tutorial videos that there are a few Macintosh computers at Sparkol, so these should be easy enough to observe and test.

Hi Dave, I have moved this over to the Ideas and features section.

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