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can i upload mor than one sparkol on my account?

 My laptop  could not upload  Sparkol and  paypal link did not wok  and the run box was obscured bottom of screen.

Now I must have it on my laptop but in the meantime to test it I used another  computer AND it worked ok in download don't know about paypal as my account was paid through mastercard.

anyway can I upload sparkol a second time to get it onto  my laptop when that is working again?



PS. Loved my free trial  think sparkol is magical.:-).

Hi Patricia,

You can install VideoScribe on as many computers as you like as long as you are only logged on once at any time.

I can confirm that you have a Pro account.

I am not sure that I understand what the problem was with your laptop. Could you explain some more and maybe include some screenshots?


Thank you Andy for your response
I am afraid my computer simply froze up due to conflicting pc prptection like Mcaffee and Norton
and a microsoft software fighting it out or something like that.Anyway it will be in for repairs asap.
Sparkol is working for me on the one computer and I like it a lot.
Thanks once again and wishing you even more success with Sparkol in the future


Hi Patricia,

It's good to hear that you are liking VideoScribe and I hope that you continue to enjoy using it.

We have had some issues with VideoScribe and Norton Anti-virus in the past so please get back to us if you have a problem with your laptop once it has been repaired.


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