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Videoscribe 2.0 very buggy on Mac

I am going back to 1.3.26 until they work out the kinks. Creating outlines of raster images now only gives 6 auto-created options, none of which look good. I did a simple copy and paste and the application started behaving very odd, not letting me select items, etc. I have had to restart the app 4 times. Every time I go to add an image, the spinning wheel takes awhile to gather every image I have ever used. Quite unnecessary.

Let me know when 2.1 is up. Thanks.

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I didn't understand your comment, "Every time I go to add an image, the spinning wheel takes awhile to gather every image I have ever used."

Images and image libraries behave as expected for me. Can you describe your issue better, or post a picture? Thanks.

Dave, it takes about 10 seconds for the list to populate when I click to add an image to the canvas. That would be somewhat tolerable if it weren't for the other issues. Another I forgot to mention was that the camera tools don't work I assume the eye is view camera, and the other two are set and clear camera, but I couldn't get them to work. I have switched back to the old version. I have workarounds for all of its bugs. :)

Hi Jimmy,

Sorry to hear that you have had a few problems.

When you did the copy and paste what type of element were you using? I cannot replicate the problem here on a Mac and we haven't had that issue reported before. If it was one of your own images could you attach it to this post and we can try and replicate?

The spinning wheel problem is related to favourites from version 1.3.26. We no longer have favourites and yours have been converted to recent items which you can clear by ctrl-click on an element in your recent history - you will see a 'clear history' button.

The camera tools become selectable when you have one or more elements selected on the canvas/timeline. The eye at the bottom right is used to reveal all hidden elements, each element can be hidden - there is an eye icon on each element in the timeline.

The Tutorials cover all of this.


 It is extremely buggy on the Mac. I have an 17 2600k with 16gb ram and a 6870 video card and it is dead slow.. there is not much that can slow this one down. The spinning wheel as Jimmy mentioned ( loading ) time is messed up for a few things.

The loading time to get the program to start on a mac is minutes not seconds and I think this is due to some sort of authorization check when it starts, This is one of my biggest problems. I already own a PS3 that becomes useless if not connected to the internet. I personally bought the pro version because it says it works offline. Why is it asking me to log in if it works offline? This could be fixed with a activation code for the pro copy of the user. If it works offline it needs to start without being online. Maybe it does but I dont have the ability to take this computer offline to see but if it does then under settings I would expect to see a toggle.. Online/Offline.

I also no longer have the ability to make it look like it draws properly instead no matter what you use for a hand or what you do it draws a thick colour from the end of the pen or pencil that is not realistic. The ability to show the lines when drawing is just missing on the mac side.. Fact is that is why I upgraded because that function... ( the two scale adjusters stopped working on my old copy)

I love what you guys have done to make the gui look nice etc but you need to keep the good then add to it not just change the whole program. I don't know if you beta test or not but if you do maybe you should consider giving Jimmy and I a copy so we can tell you all the bugs.

I am a pro user I get no benefit from doing this for you other than the program will improve and you will end up having something even better than you do now. BTW this is a great program, just super buggy on mac right now. I didn't start a new post because this covers my feelings exact and I wanted you to know that there are more people out there with the same problems as Jimmy.

Ill have to uninstall this to get the old version working. I don't think it will run along side the new one so this might be all you get for feedback. I hope you get it sorted. 

Ill check back for your rebuttal, lol. Keep in mind I am trying to help you figure it out not trying to be a pain. I did send an email first that got the old autoresponse... Kinda like the ones I send from my own servers only yours took a whole day to come back, whats up with that? It should be instant. 

Oh ya.. One more thing. There are no file names anymore. Say you were looking for scribble out as you described in another post.. you said it is near the end... hrmmm maybe it is this one. If you had a file name on the file then I would know for sure but I guess someone thought it would look nicer this way. I really have no idea.. Im pretty sure most people using the program feel the same way though. I am not sure if this is a mac only thing because I just use linux or unix myself but it is a problem for sure. I attached a screen shot.



Thanks for getting back to us.

The first time that you run VideoScribe 2.0 it will take sometime to download updates to images and hands. Are you saying that it takes minutes to load every time?

Could you send us the 'System log' - click the question mark at the bottom right and email it to us? I have one or two ideas but I would need to see the system log first.

If there is no connectivity then as long as you have previously logged in and checked the 'Remember me' box then you can work offline.

If you don't like the way that VideoScribe imports jpg/png files then please add a post to 'Ideas and feature requests' and our development team will review it. You could do the same for the filename issue that you raised as well - we deliberately removed the filenames as we want to make VideoScribe visual and not everybody understands English but feel free to add a feature request..

The two scale adjusters not working on your old version is very strange too - what happens when you move the sliders?


1) When you move the sliders it sticks.. like when you try to release an object off screen.. you know how it sticks and wont release from the curser?
2) I realize you deliberately removed the file names... I'm just saying that how can you search for anything without it unless you know what it was called and you give a tutorial on doing anything and there is no way to see the file name so how could someone within a reasonable time find it?
3) I have the remember me checked.... I just rebooted then sent you a log.. It took over 2 minutes to reach this screen...

4) "

If you don't like the way that VideoScribe imports jpg/png files"

I dont have any problem with the way it imports its just not drawing them the way it use to since you removed the sliders. If you want to draw something in 8 seconds say it was nice to turn down the clutter... I wasn't asking for something new. Just maybe put back some old things that were good.

As for the language thing... as you well know we are fortunate that most other countries speak english as a second language so I think putting the file names back is a must actually. Even if one of my Dutch friends was using the program and you removed the file names they wouldn't like it.

Anyways.. Back to Jimmy if you return.. the camera view seems to work good now by zooming and then set the camera.. I like that actually and I love the new look.. just a little disappointed that some of the changes you made to get that took away instead of add... as for the adds, I think you are doing a stand up job and my reason for posting was I tried to just send a private message first but you prefer it this way.. Hope that clears it up.. send me an email please about the log instead of posting it.



I will create a support question in your name for the answer about the log.


Thanks for the response, Andy, and thanks srsr for adding your experiences. I am in a time crunch to complete a project, so I am using the old version for now. Perhaps it wasn't copy-paste that was a problem for me in 2.0, but that was the last command I executed before it appeared that my project got corrupted. I was unable to click on an element due to the "sticky" cursor type issues srsr mentioned. Even after restarting, the problem persisted, so I decided to revert to the old version.

My major problem with 1.3.26 is that importing images will periodically give a black background, sticky sliders, and inability to add an image to the canvas. This always requires quitting the app, and causes about 2 minutes of downtime every time. But I guess I'm used to it.

Feature requests (feel free to move these to a new post if needed): 1) A stable version for Mac. 2) Realistic looking drawing lines. 3) Sliders like the old version to create custom outlines of rasters. 4) A more straightforward way to save and name a project. It's very confusing the way it looks now.

My clients love the results I get from Videoscribe. Hopefully we can get it working better. Thanks!

Hey Jimmy... Yes I am also moving back to the old version, sorry Andy but the import of png alone makes this useless to me.. when you go to import a png that you worked to get transparent it demands you turn it into a line drawing and gives you 6 or so ****** choices.. Pretty hard to make something look pro like that for sure. I need the slider system back here also or it just isnt even usable. I like the look but dont like the functionality.

It was kinda like getting a really nice Christmas box with a turkey bone inside of it. Maybe get the developers to try to make a nice transparent logo or something and then add it to the... we ll you know.. get them to make a scribe and show you the results and how kewl it is... lol Man I hope I can get the old version working this morning. I am with Jimmy.. this has set me back a day.
If the things we mention get fixed it will be good to try again. But they are not suggestions.. they need to be fixed or it is unusable on a Mac... Don't make me go back to Windoz.


Above I just read this:

"Hey Jimmy... Yes I am also moving back to the old version, sorry Andy but the import of png alone makes this useless to me.. when you go to import a png that you worked to get transparent it demands you turn it into a line drawing and gives you 6 or so ****** choices.. Pretty hard to make something look pro like that for sure. I need the slider system back here also or it just isnt even usable. I like the look but dont like the functionality."

I'm using windows, not a MAC. So is the above true for Windows as well? You can't use transparent PNG images in version 2.0 like you could in 1.3.26?  Is it possible to see an example of what a transparent PNG image loos like in version 2.0. I have a  library of over 500 transparent PNG images and i would be very disappointed if I can't use them in 2.0. 

Also the remark above about the slider missing in version 2.0. for a MAC. Is the slider missing in the windows version as well?

Any more feedback would be appreciated.



Hi Dan,


Yes, you can use transparent png's in version 2.0.

Here we see a png placed over an image and some text and you can see that the background is transparent

The sliders have gone in version 2.0 (PC or Mac) and have been replaced by VideoScribe giving you 6 different draw options created from your png or jpg - this is covered in tutorial 2 and will be covered in more detail in future tutorials.


Andy you must be watching different tutors than me. I read several times you saying this is covered in the tutors for version 2.0. I've watched them twice now and the things you say is covered isn't the case.

For example the eye -- instructor clicks on it in the tutor but never says once what it is for. It is more confusing than helpful.

The 6 different options was not covered in the tutor. Actually one of the instructors say in future tutor they are going to talk about importing raster images but they never do. Only discuss importing svg images.

I think if you keep telling people this is covered in the tutors and it isn't you are either going to confuse them or they'll think the tutors are worthless. If I'm wrong please point out where some of the issues you talk about being covered in the tutors are. I'm not saying some of the things you talk about are not in the tutor but  a lot of things you say are covered in the tutors are not.  I watched 4 tutors.  Are there more that that cover some of the issues you say is talked about in the tutors?

For example I would love to see something in the tutor about raster images and the 6 different draw options. If raster images are covered in the tutor than i don't know where.


Hi Dan,

The 6 import options are briefly shown in the current tutorials and they will be covered in more detail in a future tutorial. We are working hard on the training material and there will be more to come.

Apart from the brief showing of the eye what have I told you was in the tutorials that isn't?

We will have worksheets to go with each tutorial soon and when they are available I will send you a copy of them. The eye for example is covered in more detail in the worksheet.

If you have another PC available you could create another free trial account and try version 2.0 out for yourself and experiment with the new features - the best way to see if you like it is to try it.


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