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Cant start trial


Have just started the trial period, downloaded and installed software correctly but when I log into desktop software it states:

#1: You need a Sparkol PRO account to use Sparkol desktop. You can only take advantage of this trial once.

What do I do here?



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Hi Peter,

The computer that you are using has been used for another VideoScribe account and you cannot use the same computer for 2 free trials.

If you want to use the free trial you will need to install it on another computer.


How do I make my first video?

I have installed everything but where do i go to start making a video??

Kind Regards,



1) Run the program that you installed.
2) Log in.
3) getting-started-with-videoscribe

you may also want to browse the INSTANT ANSWERS page

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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