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Flaws in this Help system

It's too bad that Sparkol didn't implement one of the existing commercial Help or Forum systems. All of the features I describe below are already implemented there.

  1. Quotes. There is no way to quote a previous post, or indent a quote, or indicate that text is a quote. This is invaluable for highlighting something the previous person said, in order to reply to it. Most help systems allow you to select something in a post, then click a "reply" button which then automatically inserts something like "Joe said...." 
  2. ID of the person who wrote a message. Names are useful, photos are not. What we need is some form of ID: PRO, STAFF, etc. This helps us know who we are responding to-the old Sparkol help system did this. Most commercial systems do this. Some list a count of how many answers a person has posted, or their rating. Any information like this is useful.
  3. Help Home Page: Cannot understand why there is no HELP on the Help home page ( The photos have no value-as proof of this, they are not linked to anything. Because faces are so magnetic to human eyes, they cause you to miss the links to Instant Answers and Community right below the photos. Consequently, visitors scroll right past these crucial links, to the sections below. Please DELETE the photos, and enlarge the links to Instant Answers and Community, keeping them right at the top of the page. Put the photos at the bottom of the page if you want. We love you folks at Sparkol, but your photos are not helpful in this context.
  4. When typing a post, you see WYSIWYG icons at the top. Unfortunately, what you see in this box is very different from what you get. Try pasting in text from another post-sizes shift arbitrarily, and there is no way to fix it. For example, the text below is pasted from another post. In my edit box, that text below is highlighted and larger than this text. There is no way for me to fix that.

So will start sharing version 2 screenshots and information on 9th June (Monday).  

There are other posts with ideas on how to fix this forum. Here is one good one:

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Thanks for your detailed feedback Dave. We did use an existing commercial help system. It's particularly good in some areas, such as ticketing, but more challenging in others. I'll add all your points to the list as we continue to assess how well the support pages are working.

I investigated Freshdesk and noted that it DOES have icons for company representatives, see image below.  

Gabriel and co.,

Yes, please, please, PLEASE adopt something more along the lines of a Zendesk or Freshdesk support site approach.

While these two solutions aren't magic bullets by any means, they're so widely deployed that end users at least understand how they work. The thing that has always gotten on my nerves about VideoScribe's support site is that it is unique in terms of both organization and execution ... and I mean "unique" in a bad way.

Customers typically end up here because they have a problem or a gripe with the software, which may be due to "unique" (again, bad/bizarre) design implementations in the software. So it seems ironic, counterintuitive, and even obstructive to then build an equally "unique" support site.



Thanks Dave. Jason, what specific aspects of the Freshdesk approach would you like to see (bearing in mind that this IS Freshdesk)? 

Perhaps simply adding more specific categories would be the most helpful.  For me, the current categories are overly broad.  I'd like to see additional categories based on feature specific issues... like rendering, the timeline, morphing, etc.


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