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Scribes with no hand, by default

Sorry if this was covered elsewhere. 

I make many scribes with no hand or pen drawing the art, or moving in the art.

Upon each import of up to hundreds of elements, I have to select each one and specify no hand. 

Is there a setting where it can, by default, import with no hand setting, or import with user defined settings? Thanks! Glenn

use the global hand setting instead of the individual settings on each element:

it should change the hands for all existing elements that have not been individually changed as well as all new elements that you add to the scribe.

-MIke (videoscribe user)


Could you update this solution please.

My settings defaults are Autosave, Transition Time, Pause Time, Max Draw Time, Image Quality

Users really need to be able to choose default move in hand and default pen hand

Sure, this is an old post for v1 of the software. 

This is now within the scribe project itself. The hand on the top menu allows you to change the default hand for that scribe

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