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final frame zoomout

final frame zooms out in opreview and final video despite control box not being checked Jim Mueller (using an ipad)
Hi Jim,

EDIT: we now know that the zoom at end cannot currently be disabled in the APP versions.

I don't have an ipad, but here is a description of how it works in the desktop version : make sure you are checking the option in two locations. First, for the preview here is a quote from Andy H in a previous thread:

"When you startup VideoScribe on your iPad and you are on the main screen, near the top right you will see the global settings button.

If you click on that you will see..

And uncheck the Zoom out on Preview tickbox then it will not zoom at the end."

and also uncheck the other one on the video settings menu:

If you have done both of those, I'm not sure what to suggest except you may want to save your scribe, close and restart videoscribe and try previewing or rendering again.

Hope that helps!

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i have the control button (that is accessed from the main screen) unchecked.... but where is ...the video settings menu? ashamed to say i don't know where it is ...that's hopefully the problem
when you click the button to create and save a video, I think you will see the video setting menu pop up. Uncheck that setting and then click "CREATE" which renders all the new changes instead of "PUBLISH" which just republishes the previously rendered version.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


when i click create video button it just begins to create the video ... i see no options . i then watch the small screen as the video is rendered with the count down on remaining time. when video it finished i have 4 options on what to do with the video... photo gaallary, dropbox, fb ...etc. i click photo gallery and i receive a message that the video was sent... i never see a video settings option.
Oh that option panel must not appear on the ipad. Sorry.


hi mike ... yesterday i also asked the suporrt team this question a question on if it is true there is a smaller document library on the ipadversion(compared to the 7 day trial version ihad....they said they are investigating .... ( for example on the ipad there only about 30-35 people svgs ... while on my 7 day trial version there were well over 100 people svg images i hope there is a work around on lack of a video option scrn on the ipad version. .....that capability is important to me. when the final scrn zooms out on completion of the video it just doesn't very good. what can i do? thank you jim mueller

good news, and sort of good news:

1) According to this press release, the newest version of the app (as of March 7) is supposed to have all of the library images: instead of making you purchase them or transfer them from the desktop version.

That may require you to install the newer version of the app (save any scribes you have made ONLINE before uninstalling the app or they may be deleted. consult the official instant answers page for uninstall tips.

2) Regarding the final zoom at end, I would recommend adding some extra pauses at the end of the video and then using a video editor (such as freemake which is free, or some other video editor) to delete the final zoom out. This would probably require you to transfer the video to a computer unless you can find a video editing app that works on the ipad.

hope that helps,

Mike (videoscribe user)

Yes... Apparently, based on their old message board, there is no way to stop that end zoom on the mobile version.... Their reason... The iPad/android versions are like the free version, and you should upgrade to get that feature. It's a disgusting move on their part, because the mobile version isn't a free version... They are having you pay, so they can upswell you later, and PURPOSELY putting in a negative feature to make the version you paid for pretty much useless. Guess what? I was a paid user of the desktop version AND bought the app. I was so ******* *** by this type of ******** ****, that I cancelled my monthly subscription. I would have gladly paid much more for an app that actually does what it says, then to be subjected to purposeful, sleazy tactics like this.

Very interesting indeed Ray...

Hi Ray,

There is no option to remove the zoom out on the rendered videos with the iPad/Android  version but the easiest way I found to remove the zoom out is to open the video in the camera roll and use the trim tool at the top of the screen to snip the last bit off.


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