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Music and VO volume

 I want to use one of great music tracks included in VS along with a VO track that I'll create in Audacity. But..., I want the VS music to play at 100% for about five seconds at the beginning and then give way (go down to say 50% or so) so the VO can take center stage.

I've looked through the knowledge base and it appears I can't bet the VS music mp3 file so I can do the mixing in Audacity. Any suggestions?

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What up Robin?

I usually do that in an external program and do not think it is possible to do in VS alone. You could probably do all of it in Audacity if you just google around a bit and research. I usually use Ableton live and Movie plus from Serif, but there are many other possiblities as well. If you need help I could also help you with that just let me know and have a great day!


You cannot do this within VideoScribe itself.

The VideoScribe audio tracks are licenced for use within VideoScribe only so exporting to Audacity is not possible.

Having said that you could achieve what you describe in something like Audacity if you used a royalty free music track from somewhere else.



Thanks for the response. I have 24 hours of VideoScribe experience and so much appreciate what the product can do, so much respect. 

A full blown sound deck would be quite a development effort, but.... 

Seems like a volume control level on the two potential audio tracks would be fairly straight forward and provide value to the sound library VS has licensed (right now you can used the music but only at a set volume for the entire scribe, assuming I got that right). I figured out a hack, but it will take time and be a bit underground. All that's needed is a volume level setting for each track inside the timeline.

It's an idea. I wonder if others would find it helpful?


Hi Robin

There are 2 volume controls - one for the soundtrack and one for the voiceover - they are at the bottom of the screen - one on each side. They are only visible if the audio track is selected so you will only see the voiceover volume control if there is a voiceover for example.


I saw that, but that's doesn't solve the problem. It goes something like this:

  1. The scribe opens with a camera move and a compelling music track.
  2. You want the music to be groovy and fun and 100% volume.
  3. 3-5 seconds in, you start the voice over and you want the music to continue to help with pacing, but you want to take the volume down so it doesn't fight with the VO.
  4. During the VS you want to take the music volume up and down to help with pacing.
So, one volume for the entire sound track doesn't help use music during the VS.
Would be nice to have a way to automate that, and make it so! I second this one...



I have changed this post to be an Idea for possible inclusion in a future release


You can save your video file and load it into a video editing program like Studio 17 and set the audio as you'd like, throughout the video.

Love, love, love this program!!!  Thank you!

Hello, on VS version 2 I cannnot see the good old music and volume controls I use alot. Should they be there?

Hi Russ,

They are there but they have moved - if you click on either the Soundtrack or Voiceover icon you will find the volume controls there.


I saw those, but I felt it was much handier to adjust the mix while listening/playing the scribe. I really miss them. 

Hi Russ,

If you want you can add this as an 'Idea and feature request' here our development team actively monitor these requests.


Hi there

I'm enjoying the trial with a view of "going pro". Last night was my first attempt at doing a voice-over and definitely second the idea of having more of a studio-mix approach to the audio controls. There is such a great selection of audio tracks, but without the ability to adjust volume to varying degrees (up and down) in VideoScribe, it renders them less useful, if not useless in this scenario, because it's not realistic (in my view) to have one set volume for either vocal or music.

Clearly, VideoScribe's Big Strength is what it does visually, and it really is top-notch; but if it allowed you to have better "in-house" audio editing (inclusive of multiple tracks), or even let you download the audio to be edited in Audacity before being uploaded in a nicely-mixed track... well, that'd be just dandy! :)


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