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My scribes list will not appear


Hi, I have a pro account, and I'm trying to start videoscribe and view my scribes - they are all saved locally) - but the pen just keeps going in circles... I'm still waiting for my scribes to show... It's been about 10 minutes and nothing is showing. Please help. -, there should be a couple of hundred scribes saved locally and all was working fine until today. thanks

1) is your directory (near the upper left corner) set to "online" instead of "local" (if the online folder is empty, you will get an endlessly spinning pen)

2) try rebooting

3) are you on the same computer you used to make the scribes?
4) are you logged into the same account that you used to make the scribes?
5) are you on a mac or a pc

6) have you recently used any "cleaner" software to remove programs or clean up your hard drive.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike

Thanks for your reply.

I have tried a re-boot and am definetly set to "local". 

I checked my PC (windows 7) AppData directory and my scribe files are all still there. However there is also a file called videoscribeprojects.xml which i am guessing should contain all the file names for Videoscribe to list and open. But when i try to open the xml file in firefox I get an error:

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed

so i think this file has become corrupt.  Does anyone know how to re-create the xml file with my file names in?




I believe that you spoke to Joe this morning on this.

If you still have an issue with this then please raise a support ticket and we will assist you further.



Hello, I made my registration payment and I cannot enter as a pro. could you help me

 (you should probably raise a ticket to discuss billing questions with customer support)

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