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Morph multiple imagine at the same time


I am trying to morph 4 human figures to four different buildings on the canvas.

Is it possible ?


Yes, if you combine the four people into one SVG and the four buildings into another SVG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Is it possible to morph multiple images at the same time though? Everything else has been smooth and great, but there are a few instances where I need to move/morph two or more images at the same time.

For eg: 
Stick figure is drawn on canvas. Crook comes in from 'offscreen', hooks the stick figure and pulls it back 'offscreen'.

This requires two images to be moving/morphing/interacting at the same time, unless I am not approaching this correctly?

Any light on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Johnathan, thanks for your question.

VideoScribe animates in sequence including Morphing so it would not be possible to morph more than one item at the same time unless the items were on the same SVG file.
We have an article on how you can export SVG images from VideoScribe (as a Pro user) and combine them, then import them back into VideoScribe as the same file.

The principle is the same if you are using your own SVG images -

Thanks, Joe 

Thanks Joe

I figured that was the case.

Have created a work-around by swapping out various SVG's between morphs. It's not completely seamless but does a pretty good job.

Thanks again for your reply.

All the best 

I'm trying to do the opposite which is: Have 1 figure appear from two prior objects (morphing of those two objects, disappearing and the new object remains on its chosen location.


the two source objects would have to be combined into one SVG.  Then that SVG can b morphed into another SVG.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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