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Moving camera from one element to another

I place an element, set the camera, place another element and set that camera...But the camera doesn't move from one element to the other as in the tutorial videos.  It simply cuts from one element drawing on to another element drawing on.  Not sure what we're doing wrong here....

It is difficult to be sure without seeing your scribe file

1) maybe your transition time is set too low for each element
2) maybe the elements are set too far apart on the canvas
3) maybe you are using images with large file sizes causing your computer to stutter during playback.
4) other possibilities

setting transition time (quoted from a previous post by Joe Clarke:)

"If you double click on the item in the element tray then select the cog image for advanced options:

Once you are in this menu, you can change the transition time. It is defaulted to 1000ms (1 second):

If you do not want to use transition times at all.

Go to the setting s menu on the home page after you have logged in:

You can adjust the default transition settings here so all elements that you add to the canvas after changing this setting, will have your default transition time:


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Shannon,

If you try what Mike recommends and you are still having issues then save your scribe online like this Saving online and let us know the name and we can take a look for you.



Hi ,

I am going to save you online my video , because I am doing the camera set on the image and it doens't moove forward to the next slide. I have tried to free the last slide in order the transtion could happen but nothing happens.

So, I even mooved manually the completed slide but the next slides moove along.

I am sending you my video , so you can easily and better understand what I am trying to tell you.

File name is in the cloud: Introducing V

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Best regards


I've just downloaded and previewed you scribe and it seems to flow from scene to scene. Which elements specifically are you unhappy with? Could you give me a time stamp from the scribe that you think is not behaving as you would like?

Hi Barry,

How can I have access to my videoscribe? So I can check as requested.


Hi Veronica,
Just run the videoscribe program and open your scribe as you normally would.  to preview your scribe, click the "play" icon near the upper right corner of the screen.

(Barry is asking you to explain your problem more clearly by telling him which images are not working correctly. )

If you have rendered a video, you can just play the video and tell Barry at which times in the video you see a problem. For example you could write: "The image that is being drawn from :33 to :40 seconds in the video should be in the center of the screen, but instead it is halfway off the screen"

I'm pretty sure you are just skipping step 3 below:
1) select an element (image or text)
2) place it where you want it to be
3) CLICK THE "SET CAMERA" ICON in the lower right corner to save the camera setting for that element
4) repeat the process for the other elements in the  scribe.

I hope that helps
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Veronica, I've extended your trial to give you chance to take a look. You have an additional 2 days from the time stamp on this note.

Hi Barry,

Thanks a lot but unfortunetely I was out , my father has been at the hospital very ill and therefore I was not able to take the opportunity you  have given to me. So sorry . I have tried, this afternoon, to log in but I don't remember my password (I only had it on my PC) so probably I lost my chance.

Could you be so kind and just give me the thursday to get into my presentation?

Thanks for your attention. Sorry.

Best Wishes

Veronica, hope your father is on the mend! Just extended you trial for a couple more days. You can reset your password at if you need to.

Thanks Barry for your kind words.

 I have just checked and it looks ok . I tried to send it to someone and once is not possible to send it through email,right ?

 I tried the youtube and it looks with low resolution. Is this supposed to?

thanks a lot for your help.

Best wishes

1) If you are a pro user you can render videos (avi, mov, wmv) and send them through email. Any user can render a video to youtube and send a youtube or facebook link through email.

2) The video at your link does not look low resolution to me. By default, youtube will stream a lower resolution version if your internet speed is slow. If you click the gear icon at the bottom of your youtube video, you can select a higher resolution.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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