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Easy Sketch Pro

 Easy Sketch Pro is being promoted again to the IM community.  Does anyone know the differences between ESP and VS?

I know this question has been asked on the old Videoscribe forum, but I can't find any of the old forum responses.

Also, is there a new version of VS coming out soon?

Thanks --Jeff

The only quotes I remember from your previous threads about E S P were:
"we couldn't get it to work"

but I would be interested to hear more opinions if there are any.

I would also like to hear more about it :)

I think ESP is like VS version 1 but with fewer images/pictures and less soundtracks included. I'm not sure if any other things are different.
That's what I can remember I've read.
I have been using it now for a few weeks and the work flow is much better than VS, but it is just not as refined. Easy Sketch pro puts out updates very often so I am curious to see how things will progress of the next year between VS and ESP.


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