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down load to facebook

anyone having problems down loading to facebook if so what did you do

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(I believe it would actually be UPloading to facebook)

If you are having trouble, it could be a problem with rendering the video or it could be a problem with videoscribe communicating with facebook.

Have you tried saving a video to your computer and then going to the web page to upload it?

if you are unable to save a video to your computer then we can troubleshoot that problem separately.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


 yes and i get a server execution failed pop-up

1) what steps work.... and when do you get a popup.....?

2) are you trying to upload from videoscribe or through a regular browser like IE or firefox?

3) also what file format, frame rate and dimensions are you saving your video? maybe there are settings that facebook won't accept.


When using my pc,i still can't post into facebook.Already go to FB setting to install video scribe apps but it said i need to go to video scribe first and click tu FB icon.However,there is no FB icon in Video scribe.
you can see a facebook icon in videoscribe in this tutorial:

NOTE: I think you can only publish your scribe to a personal facebook page and not a business page.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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