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additonal svg images to download?

i just purchased the ipad versionof videoscribe. there appears to be more document (svg) images in the desktop 7 day trial version of video scribe than what i have now. am i missing somethiing? Jim Mueller
the apps are trimmed-down versions of the software designed to run on smaller devices. One of the reasons that they are so much less expensive is that they have smaller selections of library images. However, if you make scribes (using the same account) on the desktop software and save them online, you can then open the scribe in the app and all SVGs used in the scribe will still be visible on the app I believe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


By the way, you may be able to find other SVG images (for free or for purchase) online at websites such as, (or jpg or png images) and copy them to dropbox or to imageshack and then import them into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i heard back from ian howlett today (#488 at 10:33am) and he said that some ipads have more svg libraries and images than other ipads which have them all. i tried to reply to him but my message waas rejected... he said a new version is coming out in a couple weeks. will someone pls let me know when that new version is available .... and what must i do to get it on my ipad. my ipad was just purchaesed and i have 32g.... sothe ipad shouldn't be a problem. thank you...jim mueller

Hi Jim,

Your iPad will detect that a new version of VideoScribe is available when it gets released and it will inform you that updates are available.



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