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Images become thicker/darker when they're finished drawing

When creating a video there is a problem with the drawing of the image. Appears the effect of blinking. After the picture is fully drawn lines become fatter. How can it be fixed?

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Hi Oksana,

It sounds like the default image quality needs to be increased.

After you log into VideoScribe, click on the settings icon on the Home/Projects screen.

The default is usually 400px (which represents the width).

If you increase this to a number higher than 720px you will see an increase in quality when you create a new Scribe.

Thanks, Joe


I am having this issue too. My default image quality is 800 px. Yet when some pictures draw their outer lines darken after they are done drawing.

Any ideas?



I too am having the same issue and my image quality is 800px. I increased it continues to darken the lines after the drawing is done.

Is there another fix?



Hi Drew,

1) are you using images from the videoscribe library or images that you have made yourself ?
2) what program did you use to make the image(s)?
3) if you think the problem might be different that what is described in this thread, attach the image here and describe the problem in your own words.

Related link: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)
One member had better results by checking the "responsive" option when saving in illustrator.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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