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Big hand

Hi Sparkol, 

For a few elements in my scribe the drawing hand suddenly becomes very big when I create my video. It's all fine in editing mode. I've tried resizing the elements so they're on a different zoom level, unfortunately a lot of work with no effect. 

Is this a known error and should I just accept it or is there a solution?

Best regards, 

Rick Dekker

Hi Rick,

Sorry that you have had an issue with this.

This may be related to which player you are using rather than VideoScribe itself.

If you could save your scribe online like this Saving online and let us know the name and what options you used when creating the video and which player you used we can see if we can replicate the problem or come up with a solution.


Andy Hardyman

Hi Andy, 

Thanks for your rapid response. 

I'm not sure if I understand how this can be a problem of the player. 

I've saved the scribe online, it's called 'Mark'. The movie is created with the following setings

Quick Time, 87%, 30fps, 1920x1080, no zoom at end

The hand I'm using is adult whiteboard. Now I've noticed something else: there are two identical hands with the name 'adult whitboard'. Somtimes in edit mode the hand is big as well and when I than select the other 'adult whiteboard' hand, proportions are normal again. Maybe this can help sort out the problem.

Thanks, Rick. 

Hi Rick,

I cannot see a difference in the preview and the rendered video but your scribe does have a lot of zooming and big images which uses up a lot of memory and you might find that VideoScribe will crash when creating a video at full HD - in fact it crashes my VideoScribe if I render in full HD.

This link explains more about zooming Using the Zoom function

Have you got a copy of the scribe before you changed the zoom levels?

There are potentially 2 of each hand - one is the downloaded hand and one is a copy on our server that you can download. The one on the server has a small blue icon in the top right. You can select the one without the icon and delete it and then select the other one to force a redownload.

This problem - does it happen for you with other hands or just this one?

You could also try rendering to an flv file and see if you get the same problem - you can use something like freemake video converter to convert the flv to as mov if mov is what you need


Hi Andy, 

My first render of this scribe was in a much smaller format, I didn't notice the problem then, but I would have to check that. 

Rendering in full HD doesn't crash my Mac, phew, maybe because it's quite new and has 16Gb memory :)

Thanks for explaining about the hands, I haven't seen it happen with other hands. 

I'll try your suggestions, maybe render in a lower quality. 

Thanks for the help and I'll let you know how it went.


By the way, it was my first scribe, meanwhile I've read about the zoom function and of course the more I scribe the more I discover that less can be more. 


Hi I am experiencing the same problem, I am using my own hand. Have you found a solution to the problem? Or anyone else?

Hi Niklas,

With your hand are you seeing it too big all the time or as described above only when you render at certain resolutions?


Only when I render in the editing it is always rather the same size, I have tried all kinds of resolutions and formats but they all have that problem.

The zoom level is always around 30-40%  but even if they are exactly the same, the hand is sometime enormous and sometimes right.

here is the video at full HD I believe.

Thanks for the reply!



Hi Niklas,

I can see the problem in version 1.3.26 which is what I believe you are running.

If I publish your scribe in version 2.0 of VideoScribe the preview and the video are both the same which is great, but they are both big which is perhaps not so great.

I wonder if the problem might be related to the original png images - what size are they? Our How to guide on using your own hand has some recommendations about image sizes and also recommends that you photograph your complete arm so that you don't get the hand looking like it has been cut off when it is drawing at the top of the screen.



They are only 600*800. Should I use larger ones?

Is the version 2.0 available already ?

Best regards,


I just saw that this is the largest file that is possible to upload for the hand...

I have just downloaded video scribe 2 and hope it works. 

Thank you!

Hi Niklas,

You might like to experiment a bit with file sizes and make them a bit smaller - I found when creating hands the maximum size was creating hands that were too big.


I discovered the hand suddenly became BIG after I inserted some built-in images.

I had to close and reload videoscribe for the hand to go back to normal size. 

Seems like there is no thorough way to solve this issue.

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