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How long is a "Month"?

I apologize that this question sounds obvious, but I have seen differing policies in different companies regarding the definition of a "Month", and I was not yet able to find a specific answer for VideoScribe. Does buying a one-month subscription mean that we have the program for a set number of days, until the end of the given month, or until the same date of the next month? For example, if I were to buy 1 month of VideoScribe Pro on February 19, would that mean I would have the program until February 28, until March 19, or until 31 days after the first date of purchase?

Thank you in advance.

A membership cycle or month is from the date of your most recent payment until the same date on the next month.

If your first billing is on February 19, your next billing will be March 19 and your account will remain active until the currrently paid billing period ends even if you have cancelled the rebill.

(If you subscribe on the 31st day of a month, it is likely that you will be rebilled on the 30th or 28th of any month that has fewer than 31 days.)

source: the payment info page on my videsocribe account

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Eldar, We consider a month to be 30 days long.

When you upgrade, you can check your renewal date via your account page on

On the Summary page, click or tap ‘Subscriptions and invoices’Select the link to your 'BlueSnap control panel'

Thanks, Joe 

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