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Can not load online project on other computer due to possible font name disceprency


I have used custom fonts (cyrillic ones) for the project which I saved online. It worked fine as long as I used the computer at which I installed these custom fonts.  When I switched to other computer during travelling I faced the problem of not being bale to open online projects with cyrillic fonts. Though I have downloaded the same very fonts the program fails to open saved online projects. Unfortunately, when I was intalling the fonts on the first computer, I named them one way, whereas on the 2nd one differently.  Could the problem be that naming the fonts in different way on different computers prevents the program from opening online project?

I would recommend that you download your problem scribe from:

and then IMPORT it using the import button:

sometimes that process can resolve problems with online files.

Otherwise you could try renaming the files that are named differently.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike. It did help. I guess the was a problem with first png file as well as with the font. The link you provided worked well. One only advice for others to make sure that downloaded files contain scribe extension otherwise sotware will not open it.


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