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Voiceover file doesn't play to the end

I have added an imported audio file to my scribe but it doesn't play all the way to the end of the audio even though the scribe animation is still going. The voiceover is 1 minute 51 seconds long but stops playing after about 1min 30 seconds. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Hi Andrew,

Does your scribe have a soundtrack too? There is a problem with the current version of VideoScribe where you get this problem if you have not looped the soundtrack - click on the music icon and make sure the loop soundtrack box is ticked at the bottom of the screen


Andy Hardyman

Thanks Andy, 

There is no soundtrack, just the voiceover. I've tried clicking Loop Soundtrack anyway but it hasn't made  a difference. Also tried deleting the soundtrack and re-loading it but that hasn't helped either. Not quite sure what else to try so any other suggestions gratefully received.

Hi Andrew,

If you could save your scribe online and let us know the name we can take a look at it

How to save online



Hi Andy,

I've found a less than ideal workaround by adding 50 seconds of blank sound to the end of the file, it does now play to the end. I've saved that to my online account as "SPA PA Course test" if that is what you mean. 

Hi Andrew, I had a look at the file you saved online and it seems that this is the edited audio file you created.

I rendered it and the audio was there. If you have the original scribe file containing the original audio file (that had the issue) we can investigate the problem if you can save it online.

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe, I've just recreated it with the original audio file and saved it online as SPA PA Courses audio issue. Would be great if you can tell me what the issue is!

Hi Andrew

The voiceover in this scribe is still 2 mins 40 secs long so this is not the original voiceover.

If you can just attach the original voiceover file to your comment we can then try and replicate the problem.


Hi Andy,

File attached here. I've just redone the scribe with this audio file.

I love the programme even with this issue - looking forward to making more scribes!


Hi Andrew,

I have fixed your scribe and saved it online as 'SPA PA Courses audio issue fixed'.

The problem was with the voiceover file - I opened it in Audacity and exported it at 320kbs - the original was only 128kbs. I then imported it back into VideoScribe and it previews and renders fine now.

I was wondering how did you record the voiceover?


Thanks Andrew

I don't hear any audio on that but have tried adding the audio again having changed the rate and it now works OK.

Not sure how the voiceover was recorded but it was sent to me as a .wav file and I converted it to an mp3 to use on the scribe. Is 320 recommended as the best rate for scribes?


We did wonder if there was a conversion somewhere along the way.

Yes, 320 is the recommended rate


I'm having this same problem. I've attached the voiceover file and have saved my scribe online (Food Emergencies final draft).

Would you mind taking a look at it to see if you can figure out why the last 2-3 seconds of the voiceover don't play in the Video Scribe software?

1) When the animation ends, the audio will automatically fade out and stop. You may just need to add a few more pauses after the last element so that the video continues a bit longer.

2) If that is not the problem you are seeing then try re-saving the MP3 as described above.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike - Adding a few pauses worked. Thank you!

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