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Jerky drawing and animation

My Videoscribe has rendered perfectly as a MOV. Smooth drawing/writing and mophing.

When I import into Camtasia all my movements have become jerky and skip.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a production setting I should tweak to avoid this?

My Videoscribe had a sound track but I removed that thinking it was causing the problem-no luck!

This may be a Camtasia problem. Although I use Camtasia 8 it may be relevent: I found this response from them:

Hi Danielle,

If the mov file plays back fine in a player such as Quicktime then that implies that the problem is with Camtasia - did trying the suggestions in the Camtasia post work with Camtasia 8?


yes, following Camtasia advice resulted in good scribe quality.

Hi Danielle,

Great to hear you found a solution to the issue.

Regards, Joe

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