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Imported SVG has loads of whitespace around it

I have imported and SVG (created from and Adobe Illustrator file).

When imported into Video Scribe the image is tiny and surrounded by loads of whitespace.

When animated/drawn, the hand circles the image many times after completing the image.

I believe that clipping paths in your SVG are causing that problem. you can probably just delete them all and save the svg with a new name.

(Be aware that once you remove the clipping paths, videoscribe will import the logo at a pretty huge size due to the way videoscribe handles short wide images.)

For best results and fewest problems in videoscribe, I would recommend making your svgs using only regular paths that are stroked and/or filled.

-no masks
-no clipping paths
-no embedded images or fonts
-no glows, blurs or other filters

(Also, groups nested inside of other groups may sometimes affect the drawing order in unwanted ways.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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