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PDF Export options

I love the idea of exporting a PDF of my scribes, there are a number of commercial uses I have for them, however when I do export a PDF from VideoScribe, all items that are visible on the canvas but no at the end of the scribe export onto the PDF making it commercially unusable most of the time. 

As my overall workflow does include an NLE (FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro CC depending on where I am working) I export from VideoScribe with the "zoom at end" option checked, take a still frame of this and then export again without the "zoom at end option" option checked. 

Because often the final zoomed out version of a scribe is usable as a poster or infographic due to its illustrative nature, having the ability to export this makes a lot of sense. 

I also find that often I want to just export a small part of a scribe as a PDF to show a relationship between 2 elements on a product page so I save a new copy, delete everything else and then export the PDF from that. 

Even though it normally isn't a lot of extra work and time it does disrupt my workflow, it is annoying and it does remove any added value that the export to PDF option has in my opinion. 

So this leads me to the actual suggestion, I would like to see 5 options available to export PDFs from VideoScribe:

  1. Export entire current canvas (the same as you have now)
  2. Export current frame
  3. Export final zoomed version
  4. Export from selection (I would like to be able to draw a square around an area an export that) 
  5. A selection of file type (PDF, JPEG, PNG and GIF) 


For very short scribes having the option to export as an animated GIF would be fun. 


I have attached examples of what I am talking about, the PDF (commercially unusable) was exported from VideoScribe and the PNG (commercially usable) was exported from FCPX. 

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This works for me as well :)

Ryan mentioned taking a "still frame," so he already knows this solution, but for those who don't:

A screen capture utility can solve many of these problems until Sparkol implements them into VideoScribe. I use Techsmith SnagIt, which has many useful features, including automatic scrolling: it can capture an entire window, even if it has to scroll that window both vertically and horizontally. For creating posters or infographics at high resolution, Snagit is brilliant. Windows and Mac versions available.

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