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Coloring portions of an image

I am trying to color in an image without the colors appearing from other sections. 

I have my image layered out in Illustrator. On top of each layer, I have the pencil mask.

It was my understanding that Sparkol followed a bottom to top sequence when unmasking an image. Why then, am I seeing colors from layers above what is currently being unmasked shown?

This link will demonstrates what I am explaining. Notice the blue being shown, even though it is the top layers and the last to be unmasked. The portion being unmasked at the time is only the black outline of the globe, then continents.

Here is a screen shot from Illustrator showing the layers. Please answer this question without referring back to your standard help file that DOES NOT adequately explain this issue.

Thank you,


Hi Brandon

You are right that the VideoScribe hand draws from bottom to top however it sees the whole image rather than layers when it is 'revealing' the drawn portion.  

To fix your image you will need to place your pencil mask such that it is only over the black.  If this is too tricky then an alternative would be to use two images: the first without the blue in it at all.

This is to avoid this exact problem that I suggested this :

So that it would be possible to draw the black elements first, and with a second svg file the ocean, BUT using a simple plain blue circle (as it would then draw BEHIND). This would make things way way less tricky in all our scribes !

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