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Issue Morphing - Images missing


Just twitted this and was told to post here. I have a large script, and when I try to morph one image from another, the list of available images is limited to 22 (and i have more than 22 images)

screenshot here 


Using a MacBook Air, OS 10.9.2

Using Beta version (tester group 6)



Hi Jaime

Thanks for the post.  We've not seen this before. 

Here's what I would expect:

-When the 'scribe from' dialogue opens you can see all of the images that are before the selected image, without limit.

-You cannot see any text elements.

Assuming this is not the case, can you save your scribe to your online folder and let me know the name?  Then we'll take a look at it for you.

Hi Ian!!

Thanks for the prompt reply. It's working now though.... Might well be because I shut down to go for lunch. Voila my IT skill, if it doesn't work, re-start ;p

Thanks anyways, and hope you didn't get into too much trouble trying to figure out



It's not a problem, Jaime

Thanks for letting me know :)

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