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When Free Trial expires - Urgent


I've created a Free Trial and it has expired. Is there any possibility of getting back the Videoscribes I have done, without paying? (I don't want to edit them anymore, just want to have them in a video file, because I have to bring them to school tomorrow.)


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i need an urgent help. my videoscribe free trial has expired. My school project was due tomorrow and just to find out that my trial has ended today. and my project is not saved as a video yet. Can you help me please??? i really need your help:(


Sure, can see you have not published it yet so added an extra 24 hours to your account

Hi! I unfortunately have this problem as well. Would it be possible for you to extend mine 24 hours? I created a scribe for a project and I need to access it now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

OOOOOOH I have the same problem. I'm a teacher in Spain, and a student sent me her job with videoscribe one day after the limit date. She worked very hard.

This afternoon,  I tried to upload the scribe to youtube, 30 minutes before the trial expired, but it notified me, in the middle of the progress, that my conection had a problem. So, it was imposible to upload it after that, because i can't enter in my account. Could you give 24 hours, or 12 or 5 upload it to my youtube acount. It's only to show it to the rest of the class. 

Sorry, but i need your help pleaseeeeee.

Just added another 24 hours to your account Javi

Hi, my free trial just expired a day ago and I really need it for a school project, just to show it, not to edit it. Please, could you help me? I don´t know what else to do and it is really urgent for my project, thank you. I tried uploading it to youtube but it didn´t work. 

can u please exptend mine because I have a school presentation tomorrow and I need to export my video  

Can my account also be extended as I have a school presentation for my final grade that has not been exported yet. Thank you

Hi, you have both been given an extra 24 hours

Hi, I know I already wrote, but could you please extend mine too?? It´s really urgent for me to show it to my teacher. 

Sure, sorry not sure how I missed that. You have another 24 hours too.

Hi there my trial has another 45 minutes left. Ive been working on this video for a long time but i don't think i will finish and save it in that time. my project is due on monday and i would be so grateful for an extra 24 hours to finish it up. Thank you so much

Keep in mind that sparkol customer support works UK business hours so they are already closed for the day.
-mike (videoscribe user)


Resending-UK time- Waiting for a reply- 


I have created a free trial and it expired so I did not have the time to finish my final edits and export my video for my school presentation due tomorrow. If it is possible could my free trial also be extended for 24 hours- it is really urgent-, it would be much appreciated. Please help! 

also: contact customer support

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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