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When Free Trial expires - Urgent


I've created a Free Trial and it has expired. Is there any possibility of getting back the Videoscribes I have done, without paying? (I don't want to edit them anymore, just want to have them in a video file, because I have to bring them to school tomorrow.)


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Hi Video

There is no way to access scribes that you haven't already made into videos once your trial has expired.  Any scribes that you want to keep need to be rendered into a video format so that you don't need the VideoScribe program to see them.

It only costs £18 to get the full Pro version for a whole month and benefit from full HD rendering as well as removing the VideoScribe logo - making your video look much more professional.

On this occasion I've extended your trial for another day.  I hope your school project goes well.


I also have this question.would you plz extend my trial too..?? plz


Maheen, I've just given you an extra 24 hours.

Please can you extend my Trial version, I really need to keep that project maybe to make one last change and export the project into a File, I read in the forums that is possible. I really help me please

Please can you tell me if my work is safe?, if I buy a month subscription I will find all my work there?

(The customer support team works normal UK business hours Monday through Friday)

Yes, if you save your work and don't delete it, it will still be there if you upgrade later.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Chris, we only tend to extend subscriptions where someone has not had chance to use all the functionality of the software and get an idea of how it all works. I can you have published your scribe 9 times to YouTube so have followed the process all the way and have access to the work you have completed via YouTube. 

Please, i have the same problem and i created a video for my work!! I must show this video, and i don´t have a credit card or paypal. PLEASE HELP ME!! Just gave me 2 hours of free trial

I am waiting on a follow-up response for ticket 18379.  Is it possible to extend my trial version so that I can activate my subscription?  Right now when I try to open Videoscribe, I receive a message stating that my trial version has expired. 

Felipe, I have extended your trial for 24 hours as I can see you have not rendered a video yet

Reginald, I've just replied to your ticket.


My name is Casey and would like to request to extend my free trial for an extra 24 hours. I was under the impression that my free trail would be up and the end of today or tomorrow morning. I have a project I need to submit for school. Please consider.

All the best,

No Problem, again I can see you have not published a video yet.

Hi Barry,

I have finished my video and want to upload it to YouTube. I have created a YouTube account. When I go to submit it it shows me a link but then quickly disappears. Then a notification pops up "To upload your video please log into YouTube and set up your profile under "MyChannel". To my knowledge I have made a YouTube account and set up my profile. For some reason it still is not working. Please help!

Hi Casey,

It may take some investigation on our part to figure out what is causing this problem for you, so I have opened a support ticket for you. You should receive a response to that ticket shortly via email.

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