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Already logged in another machine...

My PC has been stoled. 

I bought a new one, and renewed my monthly subscription but in says I can't logged in because I'm already logged in another machine. 

I need some help. 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi, (edited post to add new suggestions and clarify some things)

If your laptop was stolen, and you think someone might be using your login information, then you should probably change your user names and passwords.

Possible causes:

A) If you are using a laptop and the laptop goes into low power mode/standby mode/sleep mode/etc while videoscribe is still running then you will lose connection without properly logging out and then you will probably get that error message.

B) briefly losing internet connection (edit: I don't think this is the cause.  I am able to unplug my internet cable, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in without disrupting my videoscribe session.)

C) your computer or router automatically assigning a different IP address each time the internet connection is re-established ( you could try setting a static IP address)

D) other

so... likely solutions are:

1) do not close the laptop or put it into sleep mode or low power mode with videoscribe running.

2) try changing your laptop power management settings to prevent the powering down of the network card

3) keep your laptop plugged in to a power source if that will prevent the network card from powering off due to power management settings.

4) if you are using a wireless network at home or work, you may be able to assign a static IP address to your machine if you think IP address changes are causing the problem.

Rebooting may help restore normal function.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This happens to me daily as well. I have changed my password. I am experiencing disconnects on my wifi sometimes, but it's only for 10 seconds. So is this causing it? Very frustrating.


possibly. Are you using a laptop?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


No laptop. But it's a wireless imac connection. What is happening is my internet provider is cutting out for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. And VS disconnects and thinks I'm already logged in.


I edited my previous post to clarify that "changing the password" was suggested due to the stolen laptop and not as a solution to the connection problem.

If there is anything you can do to stabilize your internet connection, that may resolve the videoscribe problem.

You could TRY using videoscribe in offline mode:
This requires logging in successfully with internet connection, then closing videoscribe, turning of the internet access and then logging back into videoscribe using the most recent password with the "remember password" box selected.
You will only be able to save locally while in offline mode.

re-enabling wifi while in offline mode may or may not bring back the problem.

worth a try maybe

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Alexandre,

Sorry you have this issue.

I have refreshed you on the network

You may experience this issue for the following reasons

  • You're currently logged in on another computer - Ensure you log out of one before logging into another by closing the application (the 'X' button)
  • You did not close VideoScribe down correctly on your last session - Ensure you close VideoScribe correctly
  • You're internet connection has been lost during a VideoScribe session - Try resetting your router and possibly try an ethernet connection
  • Your computer has gone into sleep/hibernation during a VideoScribe session - Change power settings so computer does not go to sleep
  • VideoScribe crashed -  you need to wait 5 mins before retrying the log in
If any of these apply to you, you can take the steps to avoid it in the future.
Thanks, Joe

Thanks Joe, I had the same problem. Whenever the computer went to sleep, I would lose any unsaved work. My guess is, any momentary gap in the wireless connection, (common in the US) would result in this, so the best solution is to manually save your work, every 5 minutes, closing the file back to the directory and opening it up again. Tedious.

How do you work if you want to do some work where there is no internet connection? Thanks,



Mike explained that above - you need to logon with an internet connection and check the remember password box. You can then logon if there is no connection and work locally.


Thanks Andy... I'll tried the workaround. Look fwd to future version with offline button.

Here's how the "offline" method works so far.

1. Log in, while online, select remember password.

2. Quit VS

3. Turn off internet connection

4. Open VS, select remember password.

5. Message from VS:  "Without an internet connection you can only login with your last used details"

(what does "details mean?)

6. VS opens, and you can open projects and work on them in offline mode. Still remember to save often.

7. WARNING: if  you're internet comes back on, or say you turn it on to check email, etc. - you will lose any unsaved work. It will go back to the warning window of stating You are logged in on another machine. The only way out of this dead end is to quit, and accept losing work. 


- Save your work every 5 min (or what you're willing to lose) if your computer goes to sleep or you have less than 100% internet connection.

- Have a 100% (not 99.9999999%) connection

- Go offline, stay offline, save work BEFORE going online if you want to not lose any work.

seem right?

Hi Glenn.

Please make sure Remember password is select when you login to VideoScribe with an internet connection.

Thanks, Joe

("last used details" means that videoscribe will use the last username and password with which you previously tried to login)

After more thought... I don't think that a temporary loss of internet connection actually causes the "you are already logged in on another computer" error.

As a test, I logged into videoscribe and then disconnected my network cable for a full minute and then reconnected it without getting the error.

...It might be more likely that the error message results if a new IP address is automatically assigned to your computer each time the internet card wakes up. That would explain why videoscribe thinks the user has switched to a different computer.

Maybe someone at Sparkol would be willing to try to replicate the problem with a laptop set to automatically choose a new ip address each time it wakes... and then see if the problem is resolved by setting a static IP for that laptop.

If more knowledgeable folks than me think that makes no sense, then please let me know and I'll delete it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


What a PITA this logged in on another machine thing is.  Its not another machine it's the same one. I only bought the program a few hours ago and this has happened twice. Grrrr


Having to wait 5 minutes after the system crashes before I can get back to work is a huge waste of my time. It was you're bug that caused the crash, and it just adds insult to injury to make me cool my heels.

Hi Allen,

please could you give me a bit more detail about the situation when you encounter this problem and we can try and work out why the crashes are happening and work out a way to avoid it.

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