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Image resolution, scale, placement issues

 I'm importing 300 dpi PNG images and they look like crap. They are fuzzy and blocky. What is wrong?

Also the images are resized when I load them. The resizing seems to be random.  Or if the camera is zoomed in the same image loads at a different size.  This is crazy. Since there are no numerical scale controls I have to resize them by trial and error.  Also it is impossible to move imaged with any precision - nudging with the keyboard arrows move the image by maybe 10 pixel increments.  How do I change it to nudge in 1 pixel increments?

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1) the dpi is not as important as the total pixel width. 250-1000 pixels wide is probably a good general range.

2) if you import an image that is 685 pixels wide, then use an import quality/size value of 685 to import it at a 1 to 1 ratio for best clarity.

3) when videoscribe imports an image it only really considers the height of the image and it scales the image up or down so that the height of the image fills a certain percentage of the height of the screen. This means that short wide images will end up HUGE when imported. Tall skinny images will be imported smaller.

4) Roughly position your elements at regular zoom levels. For precise movements, it may help to (first set your camera position, then) zoom way in to make your precise adjustments, and then zoom back out.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike for this answer.
What is a regular zoom level? I seemed to have inadvertently created an extreme zoom level issue in my scribe.

Also, if VideoScribe uses height to determine how it is imported, and the quality/size is a universal setting, shouldn't the quality be based on the vertical, not the width? That way we don't overcompensate and make larger files than necessary?

Thank you,


Hi Heather,
I replied in your other thread:
Hope that helps,
Mike(videoscribe user)


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