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images not posting to canvas

when i try to add images from library or my computer i can see the image but nothing shows up in the preview or on the canvas

I have uninstalled scribe

deleted library

added the cache file to my library/prefrences area

still nothing

please someone helllppp


Please provide a link to the instructions that you followed because your description is unclear.

Are you using a mac or a pc?

This is a temporary workaround mentioned in a previous thread:

-mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike

thank you for responding 

I followed these instructions

for some reason i cannot open your link, let me know if you can see mine



Whoops! I made the link wrong but it is now fixed.

As far as the other instructions, all I can say, is make sure you did not skip any steps.  Rebooting before reinstalling may help. Also if you do a google search for "sparkol images not showing" (without the quoation marks) you will find more threads that may have the instructions worded slightly differently in a way that may make them more clear.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


oh my god

will you marry me


WOOHOO, i have a presentation due tomorrow. YOU are a life saver

thank you thank you thank you 


YAYYYY! That's great to hear!  Thank you for posting your results!!!


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