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SVG Size when imported

I am currently having an issue where svg files that are horizontally long but not tall end up being imported at like 3 times the width of the viewport.

I understand that it is related to the quality setting being applied as the height of every image. I need to have the quality setting set high (speed isn't/hasn't been an issue), but having to zoom out so far to rescale these images back down really slows down my workflow.

It is possible to change that, so that it doesn't import larger than the window/view? It would also be amazing if svg boundaries were used, so images stayed the same size relative to each other.



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Until this issue is resolved, here is a workaround:

if you rotate the image 90 degrees in inkscape or illustrator before you save it as an SVG, it will import at a much more reasonable size. Then you can rotate it back to the correct position using the rotate button:

-Mike (videsocribe user)

An interesting workaround, nice tip!  Image quality is an outstanding issue for version 2 & will be address very shortly, I promise - there are several specific ideas & issues we have in our dev system. (I also think that when you change quality, the image should stay the same size on the canvas.)

We can't use the boundaries on SVGs because so many are completely invalid.  It's totally amazing how many SVGs would have major problems and not even show if we did this!

 Development doesn't happen overnight. It is good to know that it is being worked on, and I agree with you on the height.

I understand what you mean by invalid boundaries.

The work around is interesting, I'll try it and see if it is faster for us.

Thanks for getting back to me!


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