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If I want music AND narration...

Hi, I'd like to import both a VO narration sound file AND have music playing. Is that possible with Videoscribe?

 Yes, the music notes icon is for adding music and the microphone icon is for adding a voiceover.

Voiceovers can either be recorded in videoscribe using a real microphone attached to your computer or they can (preferably) be recorded in a third-party audio program and then imported in MP3 format.

music can be added from the videoscribe music library or imported in mp3 format.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike—did not realize there were two separate options there, my bad.

Is there any way to "duck" the audio for the VO, or a way to time chunks of VO to different parts of the timeline? I guess the option is to output a movie without audio, then do more complex audio editing in an external video editor such as Final Cut?

Yes, you would currently have to either pre-edit the audio and time the scribe to match it, or output the movie and  edit the audio in an external editor such as final cut.

However, I think that "linking sounds to specific elements" is  a feature being offered in the next version (2.1)

EDIT: looks like 2.1 is now available for beta testing:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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