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is there an ETA when the new version will be coming out?

I'm still using 1.3.26. Is this still the current version?



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Hi Anthony,

I can understand what you mean by ball park figure whether an exact date or estimated or rough date, the reasons are still the same from our point of view. We do appreciate your point of view may differ from this.
As I mentioned your feedback will be passed on.
If you do have any suggestions, ideas or requests going forward we would be delighted to hear them and see them posted on the Ideas and feature request Community page -

Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,
I think we just are having difficulty communicating as I wasn't asking for a "release date"–rough or estimated. My examples weren't in terms of dates. I was asking for a sense of scale or a range or anything that did not make the whole thing completely opaque. As a customer, I'm telling you how I felt. One customer on this thread felt that it showed a lack of respect to be so closed about it. Personally, I was just frustrated because I needed to make a decision and i wasn't given anything to go on.

I think how your customers feel is the feedback to focus on and forget the word 'date' because I really, really, really didn't need a release date. If how we feel matters, feel free to find an alternative approach to solving that problem without giving us an indication of how long we'd have to wait. If how we feel doesn't matter then that's a different story.



I just had the new version for like 10 hours and uninstalled it. You've worked on every aspect of the software except the most important part: the font selection screen which has no preview of the font selected, and the terrible pixelated fonts which has been an issue since forever and it's still there. It's so frustrating working with small fonts.

Thanks for the feedback Fernando, you are right the new drop-down selector in v3 rather than +/- scroll method used in v2 shows all the fonts in a generic style rather than displaying them in their own text. I've shared the feedback with the product team so they can review this.

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