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Type preferences, Letter spacing bug

Font preferences:

Perhaps we can have a preference for letterspacing and stroke across the board in the preferences area?

Version 1.3.26 bug: 
The letter spacing on any font it always reverts to the default 2.00. That adjustment doesn't save currently.


We've redone fonts in version 2 so they draw a million times better & the import is very different.  We haven't considering letter spacing options though & really should.  

Thank for raising this, I'll put something in the dev pipeline.

Just figured out how how switch font from Comic sans to ariel font. Horrified at the result the i & l are extremely narrow. Looks really awful.

In version 1.3 I've found that Arial Bold imports much nicer than normal Arial.  The 'i' and 'l' are much better.

 I have version 1.3.26. Tried Arial Bold.  Not impressed. l & i are still weak, & it gets better.  The work happy.  The first p is denser than the second. Go figure?  Really shouldn't there be at least one font Arial or Helvitica that looks business like - despite the whole cartoon concept??  

I really think that VideoScribe need to deliver user-friendliness & not just talk about it their promotional material.  That means functionality should where possible match that available in commonly used programs.

YES!!! VERSION 2 LETS YOU USE ANY FONT REALLY WELL - It's still not totally perfect in every scenario, but it's a thousand times better.  It's in beta at the moment and will be released shortly.

It looks as if in the current desktop version (1.3.?) fonthandling is done in a very odd and non-standard way. Are you bitmapping the fonts to a predefined size or so. Because they sometimes look very blurred and pixelated. Why not use the standard font handling offered by the OS (Mac or Windows). 

By using native OS fonthandling, you don't have to worry about pixelation in the output and kerning and spacing are also covered. Another benefit would be that also OpenType Fonts, besides TrueType, are supported, and that you don't have to manually tweek a custom font to put on screen.

That said, I'm looking forward to version 2.

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