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Videoscribe 1.3.31 crashes on rendering a certain image

HI everybody,

after some weeks of testing your tool, I'm facing an issue with the rendering process. Sometimes VideoScribe crashes when rendering an image. It's always the same point at the video, where the time stops to count down and the preview image freezes as the rest of VideoScribe. This behavior doesn't appear at every rendering process, but always at the same point. The same image is used again later in the video and causes no problems there. It tried to install version 1.3.26 because in this forum it's said, that this version is more stable concerning rendering, but the installer always installs the 1.3.31.

I would be glad to hear from you, how you may help me with this issue.

Hi there, sorry you have this issue.

If you have downloaded VideoScribe again then you are using 1.3.26 although it may show as 1.3.31.

There are a number of things to try if you find VideoScribe is freezing.

Advice to resolve an issue when VideoScribe freezes on a render can be found here -

Thanks, Joe

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