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Vdieo has delay

Hello - My online file, CHEM 2423 Summer 2014 does a strange thing. There is no delay in the video at about 3 minutes through, but when I produce the video, there is a 10 second delay. Any idea what is causing this?


Hi Houston.

Sorry you have this issue. The problem you're describing is related to a known issue with version 1.3.31.

I think you may have this version installed. Please can you check by going into your Control panel, Programs and features, Find Sparkol VideoScribe from the list.

If the version is displaying 1.3.31 here, please uninstall it and download the current version (1.3.26) from the following link -

When you have done this and rebooted your computer, open up the Scribe, rename it and have a local copy using the second save option 'Save as a new copy and close'. Now if you try and render this new copy, do you get the same issue?

Thanks, Joe

Thanks, Joe.  I think that worked.  I was having an issue in the meantime saving a file (.MOV) with 1920 x 1040 resolution, 100%.  I've got 15GB of RAM, so no issue on time.  However, it got to 0%, and then just sat there.  Only clicking cancel would get me out.  Without testing that, I digressed back to version 1.3.26 (and yes, I was running 1.3.31 - an automatic update, I think...).  Two boots later, I still could not get a finished video at the above resolution.  I changed to 1280 x 720, and all was good.

So, we appear to have traded one problem for another.  However, the original problem, the delay, was gone.

That problem, btw, existed in December last year (I have a video to prove it!).


Hi Houston.

Thanks for the update.

In relation to not rendering at at a higher rate, we may need to check the scribe file.

Can you export the file to your desktop and then import it again. 

Confirm if you get any error messages.

If you do not get any errors when you have imported the Scribe, can you retry the render?

Please follow these instructions which will assist you with the export/import process -

Thanks, Joe

Joe - You were 2/2 on this one.  This did work.  Whilst it gave no errors, it apparently "fixed" something, and showed different behavior.  Instead of showing it would take 2 minutes, and take 25, and then stop at "O" time remaining, it showed about 30 minutes, and took about 25, and then finished.

All is good.

BTW, I'm your newest lifetime member.


Hi Houston,

Glad it is working for you now and thanks for taking the Lifetime option!

All the best, Joe

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