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Some new features proposal

First and foremost: I want to congratulate you and thank you for making such a great and easy tool! It has been for me a no-brainer subscribing to the Pro option as I see a lot of potential.

Some feature ideas/requests

  • An overlay grid for aligning objects
  • Ability to select multiple objects
  • Ability to export a storyboard with the keyframes (maybe even to Powepoint slides)
  • Ability to select a file to use as canvas
  • The movie creator should have presets on the most common sizes and recommendations for use (like 640x480 25fps 80% quality for mail sharing, etc.)
  • For the forum: a poll to vote on the next features to work on

I do vote on some of the feature requests I have seen in the forum:
  • Export with transparent background
  • Inserted objects should use the current camera as the camera setting.

Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward for the new versions.



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Hi David

Awesome!  Thank you.

So, version 2 is now in beta and has a couple of these in it already which is great such as movie creator presets and the ability to select multiple objects.

The overlay grid for aligning objects & snap-to aligning & rulers are something I have heard a request for before, but I have just upped the priority in our dev system.

We have an export straight to PowerPoint (pptx) in version 2 too but I love the ideas to export a storyboard with the keyframes - wonder how well this would work with most scribes!?  I'll definitely raise this suggestion too.

By ability to select a file to use as canvas I guess you mean an image in the background?  Again, I'll raise the priority - don't know why this got missed actually. 

Finally for the forum: a poll to vote on the next features to work on - we have a "LIKE" system and every single feature raised get's considered and responded to - even if it takes me a week or two.

Thank you for your feedback.

Excellent recommendations for the upgrade. In particular, I like the ability to select mulitple objects, or "Group" objects. VERY frustrating to move a screenshot full of objects from one place to the next, and readjust the camera setting, etc., if the order of the video has to change,



Would like to have ability to defeat zoom at end option within default settings.

Need to be able to place VideoScribed text onto a series of PowerPoint slides.

How is this done?

1) We need to put text on the top white space in PP Cover

2) PP 1 represents several slides that would have VideoScibed  text in the central white area.

Need this ASAP!!!

Thanks  Jim

Hi Jim,

I think you may need to raise a support ticket

for your questions. 

You have posted a question on a post in the ideas section for the community page.

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